Export Autotext from Word

Have you ever tried to export AutoText and AutoCorrections from Microsoft Word?

The PhraseExpress text module management makes exporting autotext a breeze:

Autotext export from Microsoft Word:
  1. Install PhraseExpress on your Windows computer.
  2. Open PhraseExpress and click "Import » Microsoft Word AutoCorrect" in the main program.
  3. If you also to import your autotexts, select "File » Import » Microsoft Word Autotext".


From now on, your autotexts will not only work in Word and Outlook, but also in all other programs, such as OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Thunderbird, Internetbrowser, in database applications or Lotus Notes, etc. - Simply everywhere!

Thanks to the cloud sync support, your AutoCorrect and Autotext entries can be made available on other computers as well.

Network support

The client/server architecture with SQL Server support distributes your AutoCorrections and Autotext entries company-wide in the network. This ensures that all computers are always up to date.

Your advantages:

  • Backup of your personal Microsoft Office Autotext and AutoCorrection entries in a single file
  • Easy transfer to a new computer.
  • Spell correction and Autotext in all Windows programs.
  • The Autotext/AutoCorrection import is just one of many other PhraseExpress functions.