Email Signature Manager

PhraseExpress allows you to manage multi-language email signatures in corporate environments:

Email signatures

Email signature templates can be inserted into any target application.

Dynamic contents can be embedded, such as contact information retrieved via MS ActiveDirectory/LDAP.

Additional footer text can be included automatically, based on time or date.

The Outlook Add-In of the Enterprise Edition can extract the sender email address, subject and body of incoming emails for advanced text automation.

PhraseExpress benefits

  • Central management of email signatures with a professional client-/server architecture.
  • Corporate-wide standard appearance for a consistent corporate identy.
  • Support for bitmaps (logos) and formatted text in the signatures.
  • PhraseExpress works universally in any program (MS Office, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird, web browser, etc.).
  • Customizable extra texts for individual users.
  • Random quotes or time-triggered additional text, such as christmas greetings or to announce tradeshow appearances or special season offerings.
  • Linkable and nestable phrase templates.
  • Suppport for ActiveDirectory/LDAP.
  • Plus many additional features