Dynamic Templates

PhraseExpress isn't limited to manage just static boilerplate templates.

Text templates can be enriched with place holders adding dynamic contents to your static text templates.

For example, text can auto-adapt to a selected gender:

Text adapts to gender

You only need to write a single template, that can be inserted in the required gender form.


Instead of a cryptic macro language, variable text portions are presented as short and descriptive tokens:

Descriptive variables

The placeholders are replaced by the actual contents at the time of phrase insertion.

Bring your phrases to life with a large variety of macro functions:

  • Link phrases such as an email signature to multiple email boilerplate templates.
  • Add dynamic contents to your phrases, e.g. a time and date stamp or calculations.
  • Insert external data, such as clipboard contents, external text files, XML data or Excel cell contents.
  • Embed email contents with the PhraseExpress Outlook Add-In.
  • Prompt for user input which is dynamically added into your phrases.
  • Perform math calculations within a phrase, e.g. to generate a quotation based on user input.
  • Develop advanced tasks with "if-then-else" statements, loops, string operations, etc.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

PhraseExpress can integrate the macro program Macro Recorder.

Macro Recorder records your mouse movements and clicks and text input for infinite playback.

The recorded automation routine is transferred to PhraseExpress as a macro function which can be used in phrases like any other regular phrase:

  • Call the automation from the popup menu or trigger it by Autotext or hotkey.
  • Organize thousands of automation tasks in your phrase folder structure.
  • Share macro recordings in your organization with cloud synchronization or the client-/server architecture with SQL server support.
  • You can even use the Document Generator to create enterprise-level batch automation sequences.
  • Combine or enrich phrase output with automation tasks.

No programming skills required. It is as easy as using a tape recorder with a record & play button.

Example Applications

  • Prepare 3rd party programs with automated procedures for phrase text insertion.
  • Automate web browsing sequences.
  • Auto-fill input forms or auto-log in to online accounts.
  • Create step-by-step tutorials for user training.
  • Perform remote configuration by sharing macros with your colleagues.
  • Simulate human input for software testing.
  • Perform repetitive text formatting tasks.

The "dream team" Macro Recorder and PhraseExpress puts an end to tedious procedures!

Download Macro Recorder