PhraseExpress for Mac v3 - Program Settings

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Program Settings

To configure PhraseExpress:

  1. Open the main program window.
  2. In the main menu, select "PhraseExpress" ยป "Preferences"

Smart people press the general hotkey CMD+, to open settings .


Check-mark "Show in Dock" if you wish to have quick access to PhraseExpress from the macOS dock.

Click "Show all confirmation dialogs" to re-enable all the dialogs you may have suppressed with "do not show again".

Phrase file

Here you can enable/disable the auto-backup, that is created with every change of the phrase file.

Make sure, that the backup destination has sufficient storage space.


Access frequently used program functions by pressing hotkeys or mouse buttons.

We recommend to use combinations with the CMD and ALT or CTRL key.

Section "Phrase Menu" offers additional hotkey settings.

Check-mark "Show autotext in popup" if you wish to show the autotext definition for each phrase in the phrase menu.

This is actually not required, because if you need them to memorize the abbreviations, it would be better to just press ALT+SPACE and search for the desired phrase by its description which is more descriptive than an abbreviation.

We recommed to choose a key that is not part of your typical input flow but easy to reach at the same time, e.g. #, ; or TAB.

The ideal key depends on your individual keyboard language layout and we can't make a general recommendation here.

Expert options

Disclaimer: Don't mess with the expert options unless you are a certified PhraseExpress expert or if expressly asked to configure them.


If PhraseExpress pastes the clipboard instead of the phrase contenty, you may need to increase the "Clipboard restore delay" which defines the delay in milliseconds after PhraseExpress restores the original clipboard contents.

PhraseExpress buffers the current clipboard contents before it uses the clipboard to insert text into an application. The original clipboard content is then restored after the delay specified here. Increase the delay on slow Macs or under heavy CPU load.

The "Paste delay" specifies the wait time before PhraseExpress pastes the phrase after switching focus to the target application. Increase this delay, if phrases are not pasted properly or into the wrong application.

Program restrictions

PhraseExpress can be restricted to specific programs here.

Reset to default configuration

If you feel lost with the settings, you can reset PhraseExpress to "factory defaults":

  1. Exit PhraseExpress (Right-click the PhraseExpress menu bar icon and select Quit).
  2. Launch PhraseExpress and immediately press and keep holding theCONTROL and OPTIONkeys.
  3. Keep holding the keys until you are prompted to revert PhraseExpress to default settings.
  4. Confirm with "Yes".

Reverting to default settings does not delete your phrase file but it may reset the configuration of a custom phrase file location to the default storage location. Just load your phrase file from that custom location to get back to your phrases.

Table of Contents