This documentation refers to PhraseExpress v16 beta. The documentation for current production version 15 is available here.


Following trouble-shooting tips should be able to help you if you experience connection issues with the PhraseExpress Server:


  • Make sure to use the latest software version. The PhraseExpress clients must have the same major version number as the PhraseExpress Server. Example: If you use PhraseExpress v14 clients, you also must use a PhraseExpress Server v14. You cannot use a v9 Server with a v14 client for example.
  • Make sure that the computer running the PhraseExpress Server has a TCP/IP network connection to all computers running the PhraseExpress clients.
  • Check any firewall or any other “security” program does not block PhraseExpress from accessing the network.


  • Make sure to run the latest PhraseExpress Server version.
  • Check whether if PhraseExpress Server service is running on the server PC: Open the Windows Management Console by right-clicking the "My Computer" desktop icon and select the popup menu item "Management". Switch to the list of Services and find the entry "PhraseExpress Server" from the list. Make sure that the PhraseExpress Server service is marked as "Running". If "Stopped", click on "Restart". If this fails, reboot your computer and try again.
  • Launch the Client Manager and switch to the "Monitor" tab. Red-colored status text indicates a problem.
  • Clients automatically disconnect after trial period expiration. In this case, make a purchase decision if you wish to continue to use your current installation.
  • If you ran out of available licenses purchase additional licenses or remove license key association if you wish to use a license for another user.
  • Switch to Client Manager tab "log" and have your IT administrator inspecting the log file to identify entries that could point to a problem.


  • A green-colored exclamation mark in the task tray icon indicates a proper connection to the PhraseExpress Server and everything should be fine. Hover the task tray icon for additional information.
  • If the task tray icon contains a red-colored exclamation mark, the client is not connected to a PhraseExpress Server and uses a local phrase file instead:
    • Open the PhraseExpress client main program window, select Tools » Settings » Networking and enable the Networking option.
    • Connect to a PhraseExpress Server by selecting File » Open » Connect to PhraseExpress Server.
    • If the client cannot automatically find the server, your network configuration may blocks UDP broadcast polls used for the automatic server search. In this case, enter the server PC's IP address manually.
  • If the exclamation mark of the client task tray icon is missing, it lost network connection to the PhraseExpress Server and now uses a temporary copy of the network phrase file. Try to reconnect to the PhraseExpress Server as explained above.

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