Phrase file tab

Tab "phrase file" allows you to configure the phrase file storage path:

The default path is: C:\Users\Public\Documents\PhraseExpress\phrases.pxp.

By default, the PhraseExpress Server sends to all clients after any change to the phrase file by any client. You can optionally have the server send the phrase file only once on launch of the client to minimize network load. However, with this setting, the clients may not have the latest file version. Do not use, if phrases are edited often.

Do not replace the phrase file in Windows Explorer while the PhraseExpress Server service is running!

The PhraseExpress Server service would not recognize the change and the new file would be overwritten by the previous file if any PhraseExpress client makes any change. Use the Client Manager to load another phrase file!


The server creates a phrase file backup each time, a user changes the phrase file. Backups are located in the folder /PhraseExpress Backup, located in the same folder as the phrase file used by the PhraseExpress Server.

You can set the number of backup files in the Client Manager. PhraseExpress automatically deletes the oldest backup file first.

To restore a backup:
  1. Open the PhraseExpress Client Manager and switch to tab "Phrase file".
  2. Click "Restore from backup".
  3. Select the desired backup version from the list and confirm your choice with "Restore".

Frequently backup the server phrase file to different storage media to prevent losing your data, e.g. in case of hard disk failure.

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