This documentation refers to PhraseExpress v16 beta. The documentation for current production version 15 is available here.


The PhraseExpress Client Manager is the user interface to control and configure the PhraseExpress Server. The PhraseExpress Server is an invisible Windows service, running in the background.

If the PhraseExpress Client Manager is running, it also tells clients the PhraseExpress Server location (via UDP), allowing the clients to connect automatically.

Some setting changes require a restart of the PhraseExpress Server service by clicking the "Apply" button in the PhraseExpress Client Manager. All workstation installations will lose the connection to the server for a few seconds. Users can continue working during this short time, but cannot edit phrase until reconnected to the PhraseExpress Server.

The PhraseExpress Client Manager must not be launched on different computers at the same time or you get the error message "All pipe instances are busy".

If the Client Manager has not been installed on the computer running the PhraseExpress Server, contrary to explicit recommendation, make sure that the user who is logged in to operate the Client Manager has access rights to the server's NamedPipes.

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