PhraseExpress Server

PhraseExpress Server The PhraseExpress Server is a separate software installation and allows multiple users to share a central phrase file in a local network.


  • Multiple users can use a common phrase file in a local network.
  • The PhraseExpress Server controls the phrase file centrally and prevents edit and version conflicts, that can otherwise happen, if you would share a phrase file in the cloud or with a NAS.
  • The Client Manager provides central client and license management.
  • The client user interface can be restricted to eliminate operating errors and to minimize software training.
  • No license cost for the PhraseExpress Server or Client Manager. Only the clients are licensed.
  • The PhraseExpress Server creates a backup after each phrase file change. A specific version can be restored with a click of a button.
  • All user licenses are managed in one place. No need to register license keys on each computer manually.


  • If you need to share phrases over the internet or if you want to share phrases with a Mac or iOS client, you would need to use cloud synchronization. Phrase sharing with the PhraseExpress Server is limited to the local network. VPN may work but is not officially supported by us due to the unforeseeable complexity of your individual network configuration.
  • As a client-/server architecture, a central computer is required, that runs the central PhraseExpress Server and hosts the central phrase file.
  • If using the PhraseExpress Server, only one person can edit the phrase file at a time to prevent edit conflicts. If you have many editors changing the phrases, we recommend to use PhraseExpress with a SQL Server.


The client-/server setup consists of three different programs:


PhraseExpress Server service icon


The PhraseExpress Server serves the central phrase file and licenses.

The PhraseExpress Server runs as a Windows service and has no user interface.

PhraseExpress Client Manager

Client Manager

The Client Manager is the central management console and the user interface for the PhraseExpress Server.

We strongly recommend to run it from the computer, that is running the PhraseExpress Server.

PhraseExpress Client icon


The client provides the PhraseExpress functionality on the local Windows workstations.

The software is identical to the regular stand-alone software.

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