File sharing

Multiple PhraseExpress clients can load the same phrase file from a network drive to share phrases in a peer-to-peer team environment.

To share a phrase file with other Windows clients:
  1. Open PhraseExpress main program window on the computer, that holds the phrase file you wish to share with other users.
  2. In the phrase tree, highlight the root node of the phrase file you wish to share.
  3. Click the menu command File » Save As… and select the desired network file path as the storage destination.
  4. On all other PhraseExpress clients, select File » Open local phrase file and select the phrase file you just saved to the network share.

That's it! All users share a common phrase file now.

PhraseExpress for Windows will detect remote changes made by any other user on program startup or if the phrase file is saved on the local client. PhraseExpress automatically merges changes into the common phrase file. If multiple users changed the same phrase at the same, you may be prompted to solve version conflicts.

You can also share a phrase file with PhraseExpress for Mac if you start above procedure from the Mac (see PhraseExpress for Mac manual).

Accessing a phrase file from a network shared drive (NAS) is a deprecated feature, because unstable network connections may cause issues.

Issues may arise, if the network connection is not yet established on computer startup. File access through the network also is significantly slower than loading the phrase file from the local hard drive, affecting the performance.

Synchronization issues can occur if multiple users edit the phrase file simultaneously. Use the PhraseExpress Server or a SQL server if you expect multiple users editing the phrase file simultaneously to prevent such write collisions.

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