Phrase levels

PhraseExpress can store phrases in multiple levels of the same phrase library structure, e.g. in different languages.

Video demonstration

You can switch between levels by hotkey while preserving the phrase tree structure, autotext abbreviations, hotkeys and phrase related settings which stay the same when switching between levels. Only the description and the phrase contents is being switched:

The level feature requires use of a SQL database. Local phrase files or the PhraseExpress Server do not support the level feature.

Phrase file export, phrase search (and replace), moving phrases of contents of a level and other editing functions are limited to the contents of the level that is currently selected.

If you export your phrases to a phrase file, you only export the current level. To export your entired phrase database, you need to repeat phrase file export for each level separately.

Open level manager

To manage levels:
  1. Open the main program window.
  2. Select a SQL phrase database in the tree structure.
  3. Click the main menu button "Manage levels" .

The default level is printed in bold and cannot be deleted.

Create a level

Video tutorial

To create a new level:
  1. Click the Plus button in the lower left of the level manager.
  2. Click the new level you just created and give it a name, e.g. "Francais" for French phrases.
  3. Optionally, click next to the level name to define a hotkey used later to switch to that level.

Enable PhraseExpress setting "Phrase files » Highlight unedited items" to highlight unedited phrases of a new level.

Delete levels

Video tutorial

To delete a level:
  1. Highlight the level in the level manager you wish to delete.
  2. Click the recycle bin icon in the level manager.
  3. Make sure that you really want to delete all phrases in the level and confirm the action.

Deleting level deletes require "master user" rights, which needs to be configured in the SQL Client Manager.

The bold-printed default level cannot be deleted.

Switch between levels

To switch to a level:
  • Select the desired level in the program window main menu section "Phrases":

  • Alternatively, press the hotkey you may have defined for the level in the level manager.
  • Or, right-click the PhraseExpress task tray icon and select the desired level:

Translate level

PhraseExpress supports the AI based translation service to translate an entire phrase level into other languages.

Video Tutorial

To translate a phrase level into another language:
  1. Switch to the level you wish to translate
  2. Right-click the database root folder (or any phrase folder if you wish to translate only parts of the phrase level).
  3. Select Translate and configure the options as desired:

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