Moving to another computer

To migrate a PhraseExpress installation:
  1. On the old computer, back up the necessary phrase, data, and configuration files to a portable storage medium or network drive that both the old and new computer can access. Refer to the "File Locations" chapter for details on locating these files.

  2. Deregister the license key from the old computer.

  3. Download and install the PhraseExpress software onto the new computer.

  4. Launch PhraseExpress on the new computer and register it using the license key.

  5. Exit PhraseExpress.

  6. Transfer the files you backed up from the old computer to the respective directories on the new computer.

  7. Run PhraseExpress on the new computer.

If the phrase file locations have changed on the new computer, load the phrase file into PhraseExpress.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents