Configuring a Document Generator


Window title

Defines the title line text of the document generator window.

Show phrases from phrase folder

Defines the phrase folder that is displayed (including all phrases contained in it) in the left-hand tree view in the Document Generator. This allows you to restrict the Document Generator to a specific part of your phrase library.

Without this parameter, all phrases of your entire phrase library are offered for selection in the Document Generator window.

Phrase folder for Templates

Defines the phrase folder in which templates created in the Document Generator are saved.

Without this parameter, template functions are hidden from the Document Generator window.

Default Template

Specifies an existing template, which is preselected when the document generator is called.

Always save output to file

If you specify a .txt/.rtf/.doc(x) target file, the Document Generator saves the generated document directly to a file instead of inserting it into a target program.

If only a path without file name is specified, the Document Generator will ask for the desired location when the document is completed.

Use Microsoft Word template

Defines a .dot(x) MS Word template file that is used to generate the document. If a path is specified without a file name, a template selection is shown in the Document Generator window.

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