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Autotext options


The autotext is recognized after pressing ENTER , TAB , SPACE or any default trailing delimiter such as punctuation marks:

Default delimiter

This is the recommended default setting.

Autotext is recognized immediately after typing the last character of the autotext:

Execute immediately

Avoid this setting if the defined autotext can be part of a word. E.g., if you would choose the autotext "hav", it would unwantedly trigger a text replacement whenever you enter the regular words "have", "behave", etc.

The phrase is offered in a popup menu instead of being inserted automatically

Execute Optionally

You can either accept the phrase by pressing the confirmation key or you can ignore the offer to insert by continuing to type.

Phrase are suggested in a popup menu if you enter the beginning of its description


You do not need to define an Autotext.

Press the confirmation key to insert the phrase or continue to type and the menu will disappear.

Selecting SmartComplete automatically enables caps sensitivity and manual confirmation option.

The expert options allow advanced users to configure autotext in detail on a PhraseExpress desktop version.

The expert options are – really – only suitable for experts.

If configuring the autotext option for a phrase folder, PhraseExpress offers to apply that setting to all elements within that folder. The selected autotext option also becomes the default for new items created in that phrase folder. This allows you to elegantly define different autotext preferences for different phrase folders.

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Table of Contents