Cloud Synchronization

PhraseExpress for Windows can sync your phrases in the cloud with any cloud storage provider such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.

Cloud Synchronization

Whether you work on your PC at home or with your laptop on the road, your phrases stay in sync.

PhraseExpress supports synchronization with popular online file sync services (Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud Drive, Google Drive, etc.).

Password protection

The PhraseExpress Windows version can password-protect your phrase files to keep them secure on the internet:

Password Protection

The state-of-the-art AES encryption secures your data "end-to-end" before it is written to the hard disk or sent over the network.

Even if your cloud storage may have been compromized, your phrases stay safe.

Cross-platform synchronization

PhraseExpress for Windows can sync phrases with other Windows clients, Macs and iPhones/iPads with iCloud Drive and Android smartphones with Google Drive.

Personal vs Shared Phrases

You can specify common phrases which are shared with other Windows and Mac users, while keeping any custom set of personal phrases private:

Access permissions

Read and edit rights can be configured separately by user, workgroup or domain.

Access Collision Management

Multiple users can simultaneously load the same phrase file to share phrases with others. Just save a phrase file to any network share, NAS box or Dropbox folder and all other users can load it from there, too!

No need to set up a server. No need to configure "linked shares" and the like.

Multiple phrase files

PhraseExpress can load multiple phrase files and/or SQL databases at the same time:

The same client can load local phrase files, shared phrase files and connect to a Microsoft SQL or a PhraseExpress server:

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Example applications:

  • A SQL server provides phrases for a local team.
  • A phrase file can be shared via Dropbox with remote team members over the internet.
  • Have your personal phrases securely stored in a phrase file locally stored on your own hard disk.

PhraseExpress combines all phrases of any data sources seamlessly into the phrase tree structure. Simply drag & drop phrases between different sources just like they were different folders.

Shared File Sync vs. Client-/Server Architecture

Cloud synchronization is suitable for small businesses and individual users where only one user edits at the same time.

To securely prevent version conflicts and access collisions, PhraseExpress offers a client-/server architecture for professional corporate use.