PhraseExpress 16 Beta

Software releases

Upcoming version 16 will take a special position in the almost 20-year product history, as we have comprehensively redesigned the way the internal program architecture works.

But don't worry, the software is almost unchanged externally and can be operated as usual.

For computer experts: text modules are stored in a local SQL database instead of in an XML file in standalone mode.
Until now, PhraseExpress loaded all phrases completely into the computer memory on program launch. Whenever a small change was made, the entire phrase file with all contents had to be written to disk.

The new PhraseExpress v16 now only loads the "table of contents" of your phrases and its folder structure when the program is started, but not the phrase contents. The actual phrase contents are loaded at the very moment when being inserted. When a change is made, only the change itself is written to the database, but not the entire file.

Thanks to the new technology, practical functions are now also available to users in stand-alone PhraseExpress installations, which were previously reserved for users with an SQL server:

  • Comment function for individual text modules
  • Restoration of previous text module contents
  • Language switching for the phrase database
  • Support for large phrase contents
  • Noticeably faster batch phrase processing
  • Extended statistics functions
New functions have been added as well:
  • Autotext based on regular expressions (RegEx)
  • Time-scheduled phrase insertion
  • Phrase execution when a defined program window is opened
  • Improved cloud synchronization
  • Per-folder adjustable phrase sorting

Due to the new architecture, extensive testing is necessary and we look forward to your support. You will have the opportunity to shape the software together with us. The beta version leaves your phrase file(s) unchanged and just converts them as a copy into the new database format. So you can try everything without any risk.

The PhraseExpress v16 beta can be downloaded here.