Text Snippets Organizer

Text snippets allow you to instantly reply to frequently asked questions. A snippet can be anything from a short phrase like “Kind regards” to a complete contract draft.

Snippets save a lot of time and let you provide better customer service by answering questions with carefully crafted, polite replies.

PhraseExpress can manage an virtually unlimited number of text snippets in customizable categories:

Phrase Tree Structure


Text Formatting Support

Text Templates can contain bitmaps and RTF- or HTML formatting including Unicode:

HTML Support

The Professional Edition can store text snippets in the native Microsoft Word format to include Word macro functions or embedded Excel spreadsheets, etc.


PhraseExpress has significant advantages over existing AutoCorrect solutions as seen in Office software packages:

  • PhraseExpress is not limited to a particular Office Suite but works in any application, e.g. for filling web forms, chat sessions or custom database applications.
  • All phrases are stored in a single data file or in a central SQL or PhraseExpress Server. Data backup is easy and phrases can be distributed to all users in a network in a snap or transferred to a new computer. Ever tried that with your MS Word AutoCorrect items?
  • Phrases can be linked, dynamic variables such as the date, counters or additional manual input including multiple choice input, etc. can be added.
  • External text and bitmap files can be either imported or dynamically linked into your text templates.


Text snippets may contain…

  • Canned email responses. If you find yourself typing in the same email response over-and-over, you can use PhraseExpress to save you time. Enter your email once into the program. In the future, anytime you need this canned response, it's one-click away.
  • Chunks of HTML or CSS code. If you are webdesigner, you might find yourself hunting down snippets of code, you used in a past project. With PhraseExpress, you can store all your code snippets you may ever need again for instant access in any code editor.
  • Filling out forms. If you have to fill out the same form fields time-after-time, either in your web browser or in a PDF form, you can use PhraseExpress to do this tedious work for you.
  • Email Signatures. Do you find yourself juggling a handful of signatures in your mail program or in online communities? With PhraseExpress, you can create and store as many signatures as you need, e.g. in different languages or if you roam between different branch offices.

Consistent communication

The Client-/Server architecture of the optional PhraseExpress Network Edition allows you to share common text templates in a company network and over the internet. This helps to maintain a consistent corporate identity in customer communication.

Legal departments can have quick access to pre-defined boilerplate contract documents and medical staff can render diagnostic reports with ease.

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