Text Expander for Android

The Autotext Text Expander App for Android puts an end to tedious touch-typing on tablets and smart phones:

Main Features

  • Instantly access to frequently used text snippets.
  • Organize phrases in a multi-level snippet menu.
  • Sync snippets on all your Android devices via Google Drive
  • Sync snippets with licensed PhraseExpress Windows client.
  • Expand abbreviations into longer phrases.
  • Autocomplete text suggestions as-you-type.

The PhraseExpress Advantage

So much more than Autotext…

PhraseExpress includes powerful autotext features. You can even re-use the same shortcut for multiple snippets without "conflict" alerts.

But PhraseExpress doesn't require you to memorize cryptic abbreviations. You can alternatively just breeze through descriptive snippet menus to pick the right phrase.


  • Faster snippet access with less taps
  • Fat-finger compatible large menus
  • Descriptive menus instead cryptic shortcuts
  • No need to memorize abbreviations
  • No staff training on shared snippets required
  • No more autotext cheat-sheets.

Freeware App Features

The Freeware App version is free for personal use and includes above features, except following features, that can be obtained with an "InApp" purchase:

Standard Edition

  • Save more than 10 items
  • Commercial/professional use allowed
  • Statistics can be disabled

Professional Edition

The Pro Edition adds following features:

  • Fill-ins and input forms
  • Custom time/date stamps
  • Date/math calculations
  • Nest & link phrases
  • Multiple choice phrases
  • Conditional phrases, random text variation
  • Clipboard operations, counters and variables

New in v2


The App is exclusively available in the Google Playstore:

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