Spelling Correction

More than 8,200 common spelling corrections in six languages can be freely downloaded and automatically correct misspellings as you type.

Ever missed a spelling correction feature in your web browser or messenger program? PhraseExpress works everywhere!

TypoLearn™ learns your individual spelling mistakes

Everyone knows letter tiwsts that happen over and over again and which are unique for every user.

PhraseExpress not only comes with a large collection of ready-to-use spelling corrections but can also learn from your very own spelling mistakes.


After a short learning period, PhraseExpress can correct your individual typos:

TypoLearn works silently in the background and requires no configuration.

MS Office Import

PhraseExpress can also import your existing spelling corrections you may have collected in MS Word:

AutoCorrect Import


The MS Office import feature allows you to use all your AutoCorrect and Autotexts in other programs or to easily transfer them to a new computer.

Multi-language support

PhraseExpress supports Unicode for multi-language phrases and also offers you to switch the keyboard language layout automatically during keyboard input.

This enables multi-language users to use different language within a single phrase with correct display of the characters.

Or you can highlight any text and let PhraseExpress change the language scheme on demand.