New Features in PhraseExpress v13 beta

Per User Licensing

Enjoy PhraseExpress on your laptop, your desktop PC and your media center computer with one single license.

One single license now covers up to three Windows computers!

Beginning with PhraseExpress v13, a license key is tied to a user log in name and not to a specific computer anymore! The new licensing adapts to the lifestyle of having multiple computers and can save you hundreds of dollars.

Apply Corporate Identity Changes in No Time

PhraseExpress v13 allows you to change the font appearance of your RTF phrases with a single action:

Bulk font and font size editing

  • Replace the font type or size of all phrases.
  • Change properties of specific font types and/or font sizes only.
  • Standardize varying font sizes or font types to a common default.
  • Apply changes to the whole phrase library or selected phrases or phrase folders.
  • Remove font formatting from your phrase library.

Simplified Macro Editing

You can now travel through nested macros with ease:

Easier editing of nested macro functions

  • Double-click any macro, nested in other macro, editing windows to edit its properties.
  • Macro highlighting is now also supported within macro input dialogs.

Phrase Links

Reuse phrases in multiple other phrase folders/files without redundancy with phrase links:

Phrase links

  • Compile a separate menu of phrases from various phrase folders across your library.
  • Copy phrases as links in a separate folder for a different sorting.
  • The "Last Used" phrase folder uses links, too, to minimize redundancy.

Clipboard Manager

The Clipboard Manager can now scan contents for multiple email addresses, web sites or file paths:

Clipboard Manager detects multiple email addresses

  • Send an email to a specific address from a list of email addresses copied into the clipboard.
  • Open a specific URL in your browser from a batch of URLs in the clipboard.
  • Copy the path of any file copied to the clipboard or open the folder containing any of the files in the File Explorer.

Recycle Bin Feature

The recycle bin prevents accidental deletion of important snippets:

Trash bin feature

  • Each loaded phrase file has its own independent recycle bin.
  • Individual snippets or the whole recycle bin can be restored.

New View Options

New view options simplify snippet management:

Flattened phrase view

  • View all phrases of a parent folders including all subfolders in a flat list.
  • Auto-resize columns to fit content.
  • Additional context menu options.

Ready for New Mac Version

PhraseExpress v13 is prepared for upcoming new PhraseExpress for Mac v2:

PhraseExpress for Mac v2

More information about new PhraseExpress for Mac v2.

Additional Changes

  • Proxy server support now includes advanced authentication method.
  • Enhanced table editing features in the phrase editor.
  • #extractxml can now read from URLs.
  • Many improvements in all areas. We love to pay attention to the details.
  • Form input boxes set to email syntac check now auto-sanitize and scan for emails.

Specifications may change until release of the final version.

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