Share Text Snippets in a Network

The PhraseExpress client-server architecture shares your text templates with all users in the network:

  • The server prevents synchronization problems and write collisions.
  • All clients can simultaneously use individual and shared phrases.
  • Multiple users can edit phrases at the same time.

SQL Server Support

PhraseExpress supports Microsoft SQL and Firebird SQL servers and Citrix/TerminalServer.

Central Client Management

The free Client Manager configures all clients from a central place:

Client Manager

Users, licenses, client software versions, usage statistics and client status information are accessible from a single program.

The Client Manager can send SQL database status e-mail notifications to the IT admin.

Access Rights Management

Access rights can be configured for each phrase folder:

Access Restriction

Access to sales templates can be restricted to the sales team while limit support related phrases to customer service, for example.

Each user can have individual phrases and share other phrases with their workgroup while all data is stored on the central server.

Access right settings roam with the phrases and still apply if you move phrases from a local phrase file to a SQL Server or if you are running PhraseExpress from a thumb drive.

Version History

If using a SQL server, PhraseExpress keeps track of phrase changes including the editor's name:

Version history

You can preview changes in realtime while scrolling through the version history.

Any earlier version can be restored with a single click.

Offline Caching

If using the PhraseExpress Server, PhraseExpress caches all phrases on the local computer to provide access while users are travelling abroad.

Any changes made in the meantime are synchronized when the user reconnects to the PhraseExpress Server.

Cloud Synchronization

PhraseExpress alternatively synchronizes phrases in the cloud (e.g. Dropbox, GoogleDrive, iCloud Drive, MS OneDrive), allowing you to share and sync boilerplate templates over the internet.

No more user mistakes

The administrator can hide menu items from the user interface to prevent operating errors:

UI restriction

Every user get only the options they need which minimizes user training and keeps the admin happy.

Roaming profiles

Wherever you log on a networked computer, you always get your personal phrases as the access rights are tied to your Windows log in.

High Performance

The PhraseExpress Server is built for performance and stability. We performed stress tests in our labs with 1000 simulated clients (see video). Data integrity and safety are top priority.