Share Text Snippets in a Network

PhraseExpress can be used as a Stand-Alone software but also offers a professional client-/server architecture to share text snippets in a company network.

Professional Client-/Server Architecture

PhraseExpress offers a client-server architecture including a Windows server service to share the text templates to all users in the network.

This server service is set between the central phrase file and all connected clients and manages read/write access as well as providing many additional benefits:

  • The server access management prevents synchronization problems and hazardous write collision.
  • All clients can simultaneously use individual and shared phrases.

SQL Server Support

The PhraseExpress Pro Edition supports Microsoft SQL and Firebird SQL servers for enterprise level access to common boilerplate templates.

Access Rights Management

Access rights can be configured for each phrase folders in a very easy-to-use dialog window:

Access Restriction

Provide access to sales templates to the sales team only while limit technical support phrases to the corresponding department, for example.

Each user can have its individual set of phrases and share other data with their workgroup while all data is stored on the central server.

The sophisticated access permission system supports Microsoft ActiveDirectory and is integrated in the phrase file.

Access right settings roam with the phrases and still apply if you move phrases from a local phrase file to a SQL Server or if you are running PhraseExpress from a thumb drive.

Version History

If connected to a SQL server, the PhraseExpress Enterprise Edition keeps track of any phrase changes including the editor's name:

Version history

Each phrase can be instantly restored to any earlier version.

You can preview changes in realtime while scrolling through the version history.

Offline Caching

If using the PhraseExpress Server, PhraseExpress caches all phrases on the local computer to provide access while users are travelling abroad.

Any changes made in the meantime are synchronized when the user reconnects to the PhraseExpress Server.

Cloud Synchronization

PhraseExpress supports cloud synchronization allowing to share and sync boilerplate templates over the internet even without using any server.

No more user mistakes

To avoid operating errors, menu items for modifying data or changing settings can be removed to securely eliminate the slightest risk of data loss:

UI restriction

This user interface simplification also keeps training required to a minimum.

Roaming profiles

CompassWherever you log on a networked computer, you always get your personal phrases as the access rights phrase are associated with your log in name.

Support for Terminal Server

PhraseExpress is designed for use with Citrix/TerminaServer.

Data Security

AES EncryptionThe phrase file is centrally stored and managed by the PhraseExpress Server. No need for you to backup files spread over several volumes. Everything is at one place.

Optionally, password access restriction can be defined for all clients logging onto the PhraseExpress Server.


High Performance

AES EncryptionThe PhraseExpress Server is built for performance and stability. We perform stress tests in our labs with 1000 simulated clients (see video). Data integrity and safety are top priority.


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