Input Forms

PhraseExpress not only manages static boilerplate text but can also collect user input before inserting a phrase:

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Forms may contain manual input, check boxes, selections, drop-down menus, calendars or numeric input sliders:

The form input is replaces the place-holders and the dynamically generated phrase is output to the target application (or saved to a file):

Name: Matt Trace (male).
Insurance: HealthDeluxe
Symptoms include cough, congestion and rhinorrhea.
Body temperature is 99°F.

Input Validation

PhraseExpress can validate user input to prevent hazardous input mistakes:

Syntaxprüfung für Textbausteine

Each input can be checked for several syntax formats such as email addresses, URLs, file or folder paths, text only, numbers only.

Easy Form Generation

Creating a form is easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Create a regular boilerplate tempate.
  2. Add place-holders by selecting form elements (input, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc.) from the form macro menu.
  3. You're done!

PhraseExpress automatically generates the form dynamically if calling the phrase.

No programming skills needed!

Smart Form Processing

Forms can be combined with other PhraseExpress macro functions to create a powerful text automation solution:

  • Analyze and convert input to other custom text.
  • Trigger other phrases depending on user input.
  • Enumerations are automatically generated as you can see in above example ("cough, congestion and rhinorrhea"). Commas and the customizable link word "and" are properly inserted as needed.
  • User input can be stored in variables for additional automation tasks.
  • "If-then-else" statements can process user input and output conditional text.
  • PhraseExpress can perform calculations based on numeric input.
  • Form contents can be include external data (e.g. XML, XLS).
  • Forms can be used in combination with the Document Generator.

Inline input forms

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WYSIWYG forms can be formatted with free positioning of input controls:

Formatiertes Formular

Creating a WYSIWYG form is as easy as using a graphics editor.