Dynamic Templates

Text Automation

PhraseExpress includes a rich macro language with powerful features:

  • Link phrases such as an email signature to multiple email boilerplate templates.
  • Add dynamic contents to your phrases, e.g. a time and date stamp or calculations.
  • Insert external data into prases, like clipboard contents, external text files, XML data or Excel cell contents.
  • Embed email contents with the PhraseExpress Outlook Add-In.
  • Prompt for user input which is dynamically added into your phrases.
  • Perform math calculations within a phrase, e.g. to generate a quotation based on user input.
  • Develop advanced tasks with if-then-else statements, loops, string operations, etc.

This macro power is now brought to a new level with the macro recorder integration:

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Mouse Recorder can be launched from PhraseExpress and record sequences of mouse clicks and key press events.

The recorded automation routine is transferred to PhraseExpress as a macro function which can be used in phrases like any other regular phrase:

  • Call the automation from the popup menu or trigger it by Autotext or hotkey.
  • Organize thousands of automation tasks in your phrase folder structure.
  • Share macro recordings in your organization with cloud synchronization or the client-/server architecture with SQL server support.
  • You can even use the Document Generator to create enterprise-level batch automation sequences.
  • Combine or enrich phrase output with automation tasks.

No programming skills required. It is as easy as using a tape recorder with a record & play button.

Example Applications

  • Prepare 3rd party programs with automated procedures for phrase text insertion.
  • Automate web browsing sequences.
  • Auto-fill input forms or auto-log in to online accounts.
  • Create step-by-step tutorials for user training.
  • Perform remote configuration by sharing macros with your colleagues.
  • Simulate human input for software testing.
  • Perform repetitive text formatting tasks.

The "dream team" Mouse Recorder and PhraseExpress puts an end to tedious procedures!

Download Mouse Recorder Freeware