Clipboard Manager

The native Windows clipboard feature is great for cutting and pasting a single item at a time.

However, if you want to move a series of items, or save clipboard contents for later use, then you need a Clipboard Manager!

PhraseExpress works alongside the regular Windows clipboard and remembers any information you copied to the clipboard to provide instant access to your clipboard history:

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Never lose information again - Copy useful text snippets you find anywhere from a document or a website into the clipboard and PhraseExpress keeps that information in the Clipboard Manager.

Insert clipboard without formatting

Clipboard contents can be inserted with or without text formatting:

Paste clipboard with or without formatting


Depending on the contents, PhraseExpress offers useful extra functions:

Context menu for email addresses

In above example, the clipboard manager captured an email address and offers to send an email to that address or to open the associated web page.

Clipboard Sharing

The professional client-/server architecture allows you to share clipboard items of your choice with on the network, including Microsoft and Firebird SQL server and Citrix/TerminalServer support.

You can also share the clipboard in the cloud, e.g. with Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Password Protection

Password protectionDo you work with sensitive information?

No problem. PhraseExpress can protect your clipboard manager file with secure AES encryption from prying eyes.

The built-in password protection allows you to share parts of your clipboard library with others over the internet without any risk. Your data is yours.


Restrict Clipboard Monitoring

You don't want to have PhraseExpress monitor the clipboard in sensitive applications?

Just exclude the clipboard manager from that app and you are set:

Clipboard Collections

Text snippets can be output in one action, separated by a delimiter of your choice:

This allows you to create comma separated keyword lists with single mouse click:

Other applications:

  • Fill in Excel spreadsheet rows with copied items by using the TAB delimiter.
  • Or fill spreadsheet columns by choosing ENTER as the delimiter.