Clipboard Manager

The native Windows clipboard feature is great for cutting and pasting a single item at a time.

However, if you want to move a series of items, or save items for later use, then you need a Clipboard Manager!

PhraseExpress works alongside the regular Windows clipboard and remembers any information you copied to the clipboard and provide instant access to your clipboard history:

Never lose information again - Just copy any useful text snippet you find anywhere in a document or a website to the clipboard and PhraseExpress keeps that information in the Clipboard Manager.

Clipboard Tool

Paste the clipboard history with or without text formatting on demand:

It has never been easier to strip off text formatting from text in your clipboard.

Insert clipboard history items with formatting, without formatting or just place it back to the current clipboard.

Clipboard Sharing

The professional client-/server architecture allows you to share any clipboard items of your choice with any workgroup environment. PhraseExpress supports Microsoft and Firebird SQL servers and is Citrix/TerminalServer compatible.

You can also share clipboard items in the cloud, e.g. with Dropbox, GoogleDrive, etc.

Password Protection

Do you work with sensitive information?

No problem. PhraseExpress can protect your clipboard manager file with secure AES encryption from prying eyes.

The built-in password protection allows you to share parts of your clipboard library with others over the internet without any risk. Your data is yours.


Organize your Clipboard Items

Organize your clipboard history in a customizable folder structure to collect frequently used text templates.

Assign hotkeys or Autotext abbreviations to often used clipboard items for instant access.

Edit and enrich clipboard items with dynamic contents such as a time/date stamps.

Restrict Clipboard Monitoring

Do you use the clipboard in sensitive application where you don't want to monitor the clipboard? Just exclude the clipboard manager from that app and you are set:

You can even specify individual program window titles where you don't want PhraseExpress monitor the clipboard.

Portable Clipboard Manager

Take your clipboard history with you on a USB thumb drive.

Plug it into any machine and have access to your text snippets and clipboard entries.



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