Text Expander Applications

Repetitive typing costing you time? PhraseExpress is the solution!

PhraseExpress lets you automate regularly typed phrases and sentences

PhraseExpress makes typing a breeze by expanding shortcut text into fully formatted phrases or sentences as you type:

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PhraseExpress works in almost any Windows application that can accept text input, including word processing software, spreadsheets, internet browsers, email programs and more!

The Network Edition allows you to share your text templates with your workgroup.

Speed up email responses

Speed up your customer service productivity by defining shortcuts for your most commonly used email responses:

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Insert signatures into documents

With just a few keystrokes you can insert your email signature, including a scanned autograph or a company logo:

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You can even use different fonts, colors and sizes.

Speed up technical and medical transcription

Define shortcuts for frequently used technical terminology, and let PhraseExpress save you hours of typing:

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AutoCorrect common spelling mistakes

PhraseExpress comes with more ten-thousands spelling corrections in 6 languages and corrects misspelled words while you type.

The unique TypoLearn feature even automatically learns to correct your individual spelling mistakes:

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Turbo-Charge your programming

Use PhraseExpress to define shortcuts for regularly used code snippets and expressions:

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Autocomplete Words in any Application

PhraseExpress also includes an Autocomplete feature, that can provide suggestions to complete the word and even full sentences, that you are currently typing. Instead of a static dictionary, the software uses a unique algorithm to learn and autocompletes individual words and terms in any language, you are using.