About Us

Saving your time for more than 15 years

PhraseExpress is a leading productivity solution for well over a decade.

Our mission is to make the best text expander on all major platforms. We love PhraseExpress and use it ourselves daily.

We are small but dedicated team and carefully listen and are eager to hear your feedback.

Your PhraseExpress Team

Company Milestones

1997 Market introduction of Virtual CD, the first CD Emulator technology.
1998 Virtual CD receives ZiffDavis Software Innovation Of The Year-Award.
2001 More than 2 Million copies sold.
2002 Release of PhraseExpress, an award-winning text phrase utility.
2003 Release of DeskCalc (German only), the first professional tape calculator program for Windows.
2008 PhraseExpress won an Innovation Award.
2012 Release of ShareMouse.
2014 Release of the PhraseExpress Android App.
2015 Release of the automation software Mouse Recorder.
2016 Release of PhraseExpress v12