PhraseExpander Alternative

PhraseExpress is a light-weight and powerful Phrase Expander for Windows:

Phrase Expander for Windows

PhraseExpander vs PhraseExpress

The "PhraseExpander" author made the decision to rename his product confusingly similar to our product PhraseExpress, established in 2002, much to our regret.

However, a similar name does not mean that the software is the same.

Please check out a selection of PhraseExpress features:

Professional Client-/Server Architecture

PhraseExpress supports Firebird v2 and Microsoft SQL servers.

SQL servers lock phrases, which are currently edited, for all other users. No chance for write conflicts or version inconsistencies.

Other users can still edit other phrases of the same database without having to approve or sync changes.

All users have access to the latest version of all phrases at all times, without ever taking care about.

Each individual phrase (and not just the phrase file as a whole) can be restored to an earlier version including a realtime preview of changes:

Version history

Portable Edition

PhraseExpress also is a portable text expander for use on USB thumb drives.

Support for Smartphones and Tablets

PhraseExpress is also available for Android smartphones and tablets. An Apple iOS App for iPhone/iPad is in the making.

Check out many more features…